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When looking for online slots to play, you have to realize that there are no two games that are equal to each other. Each of them has its own uniqueness. And of the things that make each of them different is their house edge. With this, there are two characteristics that you should understand – RTP and volatility/variance.

Return to Player (RTP)

Before you start playing เกมxo and other slots game varieties, it is important that you know what the Return to Player percentage is all about. The RTP of an online slot will give you an idea of how much money will you be expecting to get back after playing for a certain period of time. The RTP also tells of how much house edge does this game has over the players.

Experts suggest to beginners always consider slot games with a high RTP. This gives them a better chance of winning and will also minimize the possibility of losing a huge sum of money over time. But not all slot games declare their  RTP so it is best to stick with those that have this information public.


Aside from the  RTP, the volatility of the slot game is also another factor to consider. Although this might be a bit confusing for beginners. The volatility of slots is usually classed as low, medium, or high. As a rule, it is best to choose the ‘safer bet’ or the low volatility. This is the bet where you will win more frequently but give your smaller payouts. If you choose games with higher volatility, the wins are greater but are less frequent.

Why does it Pay to Know?

It cannot be denied that online slots are the most popular type of online casino games these days. Simply because they are easy to learn and play. But if your goal is to win more than what you spend, then you should take some time to learn a little bit more about how the game works. And that includes the RTP and the volatility.

Having the basic knowledge of the RTP and the volatility/variance in slots gives players an edge. It somehow helps you understand how the slot game works and whether or not it is worth playing or not. So before you start playing จอก for real money, make sure that you have educated yourself about the house edge to get you started.