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Basically we can easily identify the loser and the winner in the lotto game. It would not be so difficult to identify the same, at the same time there are only two categories in these list, its either winners or it would be the losers. There are few points which are the big differences between these two

  • The way they See Lotto as a Game – We call this a matter of luck but we have players who try to still check for odds in the game so that they can win the game with their intelligence and knowledge gained. A loser would be most of the time checking to find what is wrong in the lotto system, he would most of the time busy to find out what is not working or the defect and he might waste his time in this, instead he can try to check for the strategy which would give him a winning idea so that he can win the เว็บซื้อหวย The winner concentrates on the game and his goal of winning the game instead of just trying to look for a loop wholes all the time.
  • Mindset – When we buy lotto we start imagining that what we will do with that money in future, we start building millions of thoughts in our mind about the bank account. The winner would actually have clear thoughts about these goals towards the money won and how it could be easily managed well, the loser either would not have great confidence about winning or he might just think that he would become rich very easily and have thoughts that his life would become so wonderful after he becomes rich.
  • Luck Factor –The loser does not have good confidence on his game as he might not be sure how the game would turn up to, losers don’t believe on their luck and so they think that they don’t have lotto luck to win the jackpot, whereas the lotto winner has a good belief that he would have good favourable conditions to win the game as he has strong belief on his luck and this makes him win the lotto game most of the time.

How to Play –How the players play their game is also one of the important factor, A loser might want to play the หวย คาราบาว game to win the money to get rid of financial problems, where as the winner focuses his goal to win the lotto game and nothing else. Hence the winner might not run around to check on the lotto system workaround, whereas the loser might expect a miracle to happen.