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After all, the house always wins, it is a kind of axiom of the game, whatever its form; the odds are always compared to the individual player, and it is almost impossible for a casino to incur large losses. Even if one person at the table wins, the casino’s loss is offset by losses suffered by other players; And even for the individual player, money won in one game is highly likely to be lost in another. There is always an element of risk and indeed this is what makes the game fun, in the hope that this time you win, this roll of the dice will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Eliminates risks

However, it is believed that online gambling removes this element of risk and does not benefit the player. In any case, the casino always wins, and this becomes the absolute truth with online gambling, at least that’s what many old-school players fear. They refuse to believe the repeated claims and demonstrations of the Random Number Generator (RNG) system, but continue to insist that the machines and software are programmed to ensure that the player can never win. It is easy to understand their point of view, in fact, playing against the machine or rather incredibly difficult programming, it seems something more creepy and difficult than having a human smuggler, although, objectively speaking, it is also possible for gamers dealer to cheat him. Human faces are simply reassuring, and perhaps it hurts the ego less to lose its money at the hands of a man.

All online dealer casinos participate in this and provide the player with a human dealer to spin the wheel or deal cards. This is a huge advance from the early days when cards or numbers appeared, and even a small advance compared to the era of playing against an animated 3D figure that functioned as a dealer.


Aside from the fact that traditional players simply feel more secure when people deal them cards that can make or break their fortunes, there are other advantages to mega888 apk free download dealer casinos. Much of the appeal of the game is the atmosphere; Of course, no one can deny the fact that, for example, the show’s glamor, lights, and entertainment make up a big part of Las Vegas’ charm. Playing internet blackjack can’t match the excitement of walking into a casino, but a woman in an evening dress or a man in a suit playing the role of the dealer definitely adds to the atmosphere.