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For centuries Rummy Games have been a very popular card game for many. The game is being played across the globe and has different variations. In some countries, Rummy Games have different names. But whatever name they call it. The basics and aspects of the game remain the same. Rummy Games are card melding games. The main aim of the game is to meld these cards in hand and into sequences or sets. This is by drawing and removing cards.

Where did the game originate

One of the most popular and accepted debates about where the rummy game originates and evolves is from a game called ‘Conquinan’. This game originated somewhere in Spain or in Mexico. Others believe that the game was invented in Spain and somehow found its way to America with the Spanish migrants. This game was also rumored to spread throughout America during the nineteenth century. Conquinan is still the basis for others where Rummy developed its variants

Some newspapers in Hungars have reported their presence of Rummy after WW1. But this could have happened around 1915.

Others believe that the format of Poker many called Whiskey Poker has evolved into rummy. It is believed that this game is close and similar to rummy.

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How did Rummy get its name

Old players of the game believed that the word ‘rummy’ came from the word ‘rum’. Rum is British slang for the word odd, strange or peculiar. They believe that this is how the British initially saw the game. Most people think that it could have come from ‘Rum Poker. Others believe that Rum Poker is one of the ancestors of all rummy games. Others say that the game is named after an alcoholic beverage called rum. As before the player that was defeated will buy or pay for the next round of drinks for the winner.

Why is rummy popular

Rummy is very easy to learn and play with. It is very interesting. There is no other requirement for this game except a deck of cards and the players. The game will throw challenges every time it is being played. Players need to put their mental resources to play the game well. This game is very attractive and a good way to entertain. This is also during the era that has a very limited source of amusement. The game started to become popular during the 1930s when Hollywood stars played it.

There is no definite source about the origin of rummy. But one thing is sure that this game has won the player’s attention and has covered all borders to gain this type of appeal across the globe. People of all ages and nationalities find this game very entertaining. A good way to pass the time. For whatever reason, the game is still being played until today. It has evolved and is now still one of the games being played online. You can find rummy cash games online in so many casinos. This is one proof that rummy games have found their way through time.