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Making of mega888

Making the world-famous casino software was not as easy as it seems to register and login into your account at the mega888 application today. Ever since the first establishment of the gambling network, it was quite an active system that, in a way or the other, aims to satisfy the need of earning extra without giving much effort. The owner Michael Tan is a visionary tech expert working under the founder of 918Kiss Aaron Ng. and developed a keen interest in gambling himself.

The owner himself

As a kid, he was quite attracted to the technical specialties and online mode of gaming. He was quite a prodigal child when he grew up and took over learning coding and programming. He was a very ambitious young man who, to date, strives to make a stand of his own in the popular books of the gambling world. He achieved excellence in understanding slot-making and developing graphics that attract the audience himself. With the mega888, he planned to take his skills to a brand new level.

Excellent team of developers

The owner’s interest to reach a wide range of audiences made him prepare a tea of his own that can develop the best quality of slots. He trained each developer personally in the first phase of running his application. He aimed higher with each progress made on the application. The vision was to reach for the international gamble market, and he was one of the rare to achieve the goal. With every latest version of the application software, he stepped up higher.

Prompt customer care service

Today, the mega888 is known for its excellent developers and prompt customer care agents available 24/7. The customer care unit usually conveys or, more specifically, connects the teams to the audience. They receive the request and attend calls to learn more about the application or site’s customer experience. They make sure all inquiries are answered, and also the feedbacks are worked and checked upon to develop the platform better.

Efficient department of the transfer

The transfer department takes care of all the customers’ deposits and updates the individual accounts for bonus and reward claiming. The department is responsible for smooth and fast transfer of money as soon as the claim request is made. Another team in the mega888 consists of trained technical agents who are ready to troubleshoot all the technical difficulties faced by the customers while gambling on their favorite slots.