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The slot machine types of games are always assumed to be very chance-dependent, and the skill factor is supposed to be minimal. But once in a while there comes a version that leans heavily on skill also, particularly mathematical and statistical abilities. Professionals in particular love these games, and look on them as opportunities. They are particular fans of this particular game, which is widely played all over South East Asia, though mainly in Malaysia, as well as Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. Extra benefits are added to this exciting mix to make this a spectacular success with players everywhere. At the same time, the live22 download is easy to download, fully navigable, fluid in action, and immersive gaming.

The Structure

This is a game with an underlying structure that is very mathematical, and therefore quite complex to manipulate by the players. It needs a very bright and mathematical mind to work out the odds at each step, and load individual bets and the betting pattern to suit.

odds at each step, and load individual bets and the betting pattern to suit.

The Realism

Ever since the Casino games and table games went online, there has been keen competition to duplicate the smoky and tense atmosphere on the ground, in real Casinos and Gambling Halls. 918kiss is known for its raw and exciting realism, which has most gamers and gamblers panting for breath. And this version on the same platform is no exception.

The Jackpot Prize

The game is particularly attractive to the best gaming minds in the fray, because of its classic pay-out system, called the Jackpot (in line with world and American gambling conventions). While admittedly quite rare, it is the possibility of a Jackpot that livens up the game, and testifies to the generosity of the controllers of the game. Professionals are always on the lookout for such an opportunity, and its occurrence is also a windfall for beginners. But the skill factor begins to tell here,

The Golden Bowl

The Jackpot Bonus Game is unlocked when the Goldfish Bowl appears in any the Three Positions of the Reels No. 2, 3 and 4. In order for the gamer to claim the Jackpot, or at least one percent at least, the gamer has to click on any of the Five Fishes from the second screen. The successful gamer then lands the Jackpot in Four categories: the Mini, the Minor, the Important or the Grand Prize. This is also known as the “Little Fantail”.